Technical Specs

Unitair – Technical Specs

A brief introduction of our new Unitair aluminum panels


SKU : BWS390
Gauge : .032 Aluminium
.027 Zinc
Panel Width : 39 3/8″
31 1/2″ (Zinc)
Panel Length : Cut to customer specifications with a minimum of 6’-0”, maximum of 40′-0″
Texture : Smooth
Finish : KYNAR 500® PVDF or HYLAR 5000® PVDF
Colors :

Classic Bronze
Regal Blue

Solar Absortivity:                                        

Accessories : Galvanized steel sub-structure
Color-matched flashing material
Panel Height : 1 ¼‘’
  A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge and finish or as specified
 unitaire-bronze  unitiare-black  unitaire-redwood  unitaire-blue
Classic Bronze Black Redwood Regal Blue

Standard siding – steel

The UnitairTM wall cladding can be of any existing profile from all siding manufacturer. The most common and standard version is the 26 ga. (0.018’’) corrugated type 7/8’’ deep, in sheets of 34.58’’ long, usually installed with ribs on the horizontal for optimal heat pick-up and lowest pressure drop.

Each type of siding is painted with high-resistance COLORITEMD which allows for flexibility and maximum protection against harsh environment conditions and discoloration. Black is the best colour in terms of absorptivity, but our whole colour range will provide good performance to fit your architectural needs.


Assembly parts & accessories supplied by Enerconcept



Absorber’s specifications

The standard Unitair steel absorber is made of 26 gauge (0,018) corrugated steel profiles delivered in 37, 24’’ (946 mm) wide sheets layed vertically or horizontally on the wall. Each sheet is perforated on its entire surface with 1/16″ (1,58mm) to 7/16″ (11,1mm) c/c holes. In some cases, non-perforated sheets are used in order to optimize sections of the collector and eliminate infiltrations in strategic areas. We also offer the possibility to adapt to any available profile on the market.


Example of available profiles


Please contact Enerconcept pour your choice of profile


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