About us

Enerconcept is the Canadian company that has sold the most solar air heating systems since its beginnings in 1998. We are proud of our record:

  • Hundreds of industrial solar air heatings systems
  • Dozens of installations in the agricultural sector
  • Dozens of residential systems
  • More than 500 ventilation projects with fabric air ducts
  • Many heat recovery system projects

Core business

Enerconcept can assist you with

Solar air heating

  • preheating of intake air (make-up air)
  • space heating
  • drying, combustion or process heat.
  • Industrial heating

Clean air handling

  • improving air quality
  • even and smooth air distribution in buildings.
  • industrial ventilation
  • Building destratification

Heat recovery

  • coupled with our solar heating systems.


The exploitation of renewable energy provided by the sun contributes to sustainable development. Enerconcept’s mission is to market and implement clean, sustainable and profitable solar heating solutions on all buildings and systems across the globe.

As depicted above, by producing clean energy, we are bound to come out of the current polluted world in which we live in order to create, one building at a time, a living environment in which we will live harmoniously with all our clean energy resources.


Enerconcept has an ongoing research & development program in a constant bid to innovate and bring to market new solar heating solutions.Listed below are a few of our achievements:

  • The first roof-mounted solar air heater with integrated thermal storage capacity
  • A heliothermal heat pump system, which combines the benefits of solar heat with air-based heat pumps
  • A solar preheating system especially designed for farms and barns
  • A roof-mounted solar snow-melting system
  • And we keep innovating!…

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