Technical Specs

Luba GL – Technical Specs

Exploded view of a standard Luba TM GL collector:

Full dimensions of collector  2840 mm x 915 mm x 205 mm (111 ¾’’L x 36’’ H X 8’’ W)
Absorber surface  2,45 m² (26,4 ft² )
Net weight  42 kg (93 lbs)
Absorber materail  Painted steel / felt
Colour  Black
Casing material  Painted steel
Air flow per collector  140 L/s (300 cfm) nominal
Max. thermal output 2.3 kW (full sun)
Temperature rise max. up to 25°C (45°F)
Installation  on the roof, guy wires or anchor to roof structure
Warranty 10 years on collector



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