Types of applications for solar air heating are numerous…

Production plants, factories, workshops, warehouses, exhibition halls, offices, institutional facilities, theaters, gymnasiums, dryers, cleaners… in fact, in all places where a heating system, make-up air unit and ventilation system is present! The right solar heating product will perform best if properly integrated within the HVAC and control system of the building: this is key for optimal performance. Experts at Enerconcept are there to assist you.

Solar air heating connected to the make-up air unit

This application is the most common. The solar air collector is mounted upstream of the make-up air unit, preheating the air before it reaches the burner. In this configuration, any solar heat gain is a useful energy gain, e.g. will save fuel. Even on cloudy winter days, a relatively low temperature rise of 5C (for instance from an ambient temperature of -20C to -15C) will result in fuel and money savings.

This set-up is to be used preferably if the operating hours of the unit are over 6 hours per day, 5 days a week.

Solar air heating in parallel with the make-up air unit

In this application, the fan pulls in outside air through the solar collectors and mixes it with inside, with interlocked mixing dampers, so that air is delivered at a constant supply temperature inside the building. As a result, outside air flow may vary depending on sunshine and weather conditions. Advantages of this configuration include:

  • Solar gains at all times, even during unoccupied periods (week-ends)
  • Mechanically independent of the gas-fired make-up air unit
  • Linked with other HVAC components via automated controls
  • Oxygen-rich heated fresh air supply (as opposed to fuel gas from direct-fired units)

This configuration is generally used if the gas-fired unit works irregularly, upon gas detection (alarm) or if the make-up air unit cannot easily de ducted to the solar air heater (wall or roof-mounted).

Solar air heating within loop of roof-top unit

Thanks to our line of roof mounted solar panels which deliver heat even in the coldest conditions, preheat the air before it reaches the ventilation unit.

Space heating by heating building air:

All depending on the planned or existing heating system, our glazed collectors can be used for outside air preheating during weekdays. Over the week-end, the fresh air damper is closed and the collectors heat recirculated building air, therefore actually heating the inside space. In that way, solar heating is effective 7 days a week!

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