Enerconcept uses the advantages of solar energy such as a high heating renewable energy source and its availability to manufacture the most efficient solar air collectors in the world. Those solar collectors give an economic heating alternative for any application related to hot air. After Enerconcept gets a global comprehension of your actual situation, energy saving tips can be given for the best use of solar hot air for your building. Heating savings can also be calculated using an energy analysis software such as RETScreen.

Energy savings are achieved over the entire space heating season, as soon as the sun shines above the horizon. The longer the heating season, the larger the savings. The more sun there is in winter, the better. These two winning conditions meet admirably over most of the North American continent, from the Canadian North all the way south to Tennessee or Arizona!

Over the whole of the US Northern Belt or most of Canada, solar energy production can reach as much as 1,5 GJ or even 2 GJ per m2 of collector per year.

Among others, Canadian cities rank amongst the best locations for solar air heating in the world: long heating seasons and high winter solar radiation levels match perfectly!

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