Enerconcept, manufacturer of wall mounted solar heaters and solar air heating systems

At Enerconcept, all wall mounted solar heaters or solar air heating systems we offer are simple, reliable, efficient and profitable.

Enerconcept Technologies is a recognized world leader in solar air heating systems and solar air heaters of all types: wall mounted or roof mounted solar heating systems. We offer the most comprehensive line of tested and approved solar air heating panels: wall mounted solar heaters, roof mounted solar collectors, glazed high temperature collectors and wall air heaters for heating building air. Since 1998, we have designed, sold and installed several hundred solar air heating systems on commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural projects, either wall or roof mounted.

Industrial or institutional solar air heating applications are, among all solar heating technologies, the most affordable and profitable of all. At Enerconcept, we truly believe in the advantages of sustainable energy and we offer the highest-ranking solar air heaters ever tested and approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). We have solar air heating systems for all applications including heating, preheating, combustion air preheating, heat pump assistance, drying or dehumidification needs for buildings and processes.

Be part of those who choose a system based on solar heating, wall or roof air heating solution that is clean, simple and above all… profitable.

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