Solar Air Collector: Powerful Performance and Easy Installation

The LubiTM solar air collector is a solar air heater based on Enerconcept Technologies’ patented perforated glazing technology (PGT). Its high performance almost reaches the physical limits of solar heat transfer physics, with results as high as 80% efficiency in transforming solar light into hot air. Even though the Lubi solar air collector is simple and easy to install (other modular PGT collectors offered by Enerconcept such as the Luba GL, are ready to connect to the existing ventilation system), the design parameters of wall or roof‐mounted LubiTM installations must be optimized by Enerconcept in order to allow the whole system to work in the most efficient way.
Once these design parameters are optimized by Enerconcept (panel mount layout, location of air intakes, inside plenum depth, etc.), Enerconcept will deliver all necessary components and accessories for simple, quick and aesthetically‐pleasing mounting : LubiTM panels, spacing clips, extruded vertical bars and decorative capping.

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