Solar & Gas-Fired Heater Maker’s Partnership in Germany

Enerconcept Technologies Inc., Magog, Quebec, Canada, and GoGas Goch GmbH & Co., KG, Dortmund, Germany, have formed a partnership that creates the world’s most efficient combination of equipment for heating industrial space, make-up air and drying processes in Germany and other European markets.

Enerconcept ( and GoGaS (, which manufacture solar air heaters and gas-fired equipment, respectively, are both ultra-efficient equipment leaders within their own industries. The exclusive agreement of GoGaS distributing Enerconcept’s solar air heating equipment now provides German and potentially other Eastern European markets with unprecedented industrial heating efficiencies.

Enerconcept’s 80.7-percent-efficient Lubi™ wall-mounted solar air collector is 20-percent more efficient than any competing solar device in the world, according to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). GoGaS’ gas-fired high intensity heater KONBIMAX® line features up to a 95-percent thermal efficiency. GoGaS’ low intensity heaters plus the additional conservation strategies of its TRIGOMAX energy recovery unit achieve a maximum efficiency of 110-percent. Combining solar, high-efficiency gas heaters and energy recovery can potentially reduce CO2 emissions by thousands of tons and provide energy savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifecycle of a typical industrial heating application.

The melding of solar and gas-fired air heating is a natural fit and customer solution to complying with the escalating efficiency demands of Europe’s Energy Savings Code, according to Heiko Schneider, managing director, GoGaS. North American industries can achieve the same efficiencies through GoGaS’ exclusive distributor, Superior Radiant Products, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, and Enerconcept’s North American network of manufacturer’s representatives. “Industries needing energy-efficient drying processes for paint/coatings, paper, food, as well as outdoor air for indoor air quality, or just reduced space heating costs can innovatively combine these two leading product technologies anywhere in the world,” said Christian Vachon, president, Enerconcept Technologies.

The 65-year-old GoGaS will supply all heating equipment to project contractors or provide a turnkey option of engineering, installation and aftermarket servicing. Several projects are already in their design phase, according to Schneider.

Besides the Lubi glazing panel solar air heater, Enerconcept also manufactures the Luba™ GL, a rooftop glazing modular collector; and the Unitair™ , an economical metal wall-mounted solar air heater.


About Enerconcept Technologies: Enerconcept Technologies, Magog, Quebec, is a 13-year-old solar air heating equipment manufacturer that markets its products throughout North America and Europe. Enerconcept is the developer of the Lubi™, a wall-mounted solar air heater that provides heating to commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The Lubi™, which uses patent-pending perforated glazing technology, is the world’s most efficient solar air heater, according to certification tests by the Canadian Standards Association– International. Enerconcept also manufactures an economical metal wall-mounted solar air heater, rooftop solar air heaters and other fine alternative energy products. For more information on Enerconcept Technologies, please visit, email: or call (866) 829-1690.

About GoGaS: GoGaS is assembled from the surname of the founder, Heinz Goch and the fuel–gas. The GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co.,KG, was founded in 1946 in Hamburg and later moved to Dortmund in 1948. GoGaS has 80 employees and sells its products in the Europe, North America, South Africa and China markets. Its product line includes energy-efficient heating systems, high and low intensity heaters, air heaters all with intelligent control technology. It also manufactures thermal equipment for process and chemical engineering. For more information, please visit, email or call +49 231 465050.

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