Technical Specs

Lubi – Technical Specs

System General data IP SI
Peak instantaneous efficiency  80,7%
Maximum power output  254 BTU/h/pi2  800 W/m2
Air flow range per panel  3-30 cfm  5-50 m3/h
Operation mode  outside air, open-loop
Maximum temperature increase  81oF  45oC
Max. pressure drop. @ 30 cfm (50 m3/h) per panel  1/2 in. H2O  125 Pa
Solar absorptance (black absorber)  0,95
Hemispheric emissivity (black absorber)  0,88
Solar transmittance of polycarbonate  0,86
Test standard  CSA-F-378
Date of testing in SRCC-accredited laboratory  Jan. 2010
Efficiency drop due to wind    none below 3 m/s windspeed
LubiTM Panel IP SI
Length  35,6 in. 901 mm
Height 12,6 in. 320 mm
Overall panel depth 0,33 in. 8,3 mm
Glazing thickness 0,11 in. 2,3 mm
Weight 2 lbs  0,9 kg
Perforations – number 906 906
Perforations – diameter 0,078 in. 2 mm
Perforations – distance c/c 0,625 in. 16 mm
Spacers for horizontal thermal expansion 4
Spacers for vertical thermal expansion 2
Maximum thermal expansion (longitudinal)  0,3 in. 7,5 mm
Material   UV-treated polycarbonate
Surface finish smooth, with matt back side

Assembly parts & accessories supplied by Enerconcept


Wall or roof-mount assembly IP   SI
Spacing clips – depth  1 – 10 in.   25 – 250 mm 
Vertical hat bars – depth  3/4 in.    18 mm
Mounting of hat bars on clips
 2 screws #10-16x¾”
Mounting on building (wall or roof)
 vertical strips
Distance between each vertical strips  36 in.      905 mm
Assembly of panel strips
per panel, from bottom to top
Assembly between each LubiTM panel grooved insert
Screws required per panel  2 screws #10-16x¾”
Surrounding “U” bars  1 – 10 in.   25 – 250 mm 
Extruded Snap cover
insertion into vertical hat bars
Intermediate Extrusion 33 ½ in.   851 mm
V Trim 36 in.   905 mm

The supplied parts are the same for a roof mounted system and so is the mounting procedure. It must be ensured, however, that all necessary measures are taken to preserve complete waterproofing of the roof when installing the collectors.







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