Technical Specs

Grammer Solar – Technicals Specs

Main features of the Grammer Solar GLK collector

GLK collectors from Grammer Solar are used for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. The air to be heated passes under the solar absorber which is composed of numerous black-painted, parallel aluminium air channels. The absorber fits tight within a robust insulated galvanized steel casing and covered with high resistance protective tempered glass on top. The collectors are assembled in series on site, so that the travels longitudinaly from one collector to the other, gradually heating up.

The achieved temperature rise varies with solar radiation and air flow, but reaches 40C to 60C above ambiant in the best conditions.

The high efficiency Grammer Solar collectors give out clean and free heat to your building thus lowering your heating costs.

Mounted on the roof or on the facade, the collectors contribute to heating the building the minute the sun appears over the horizon. The fan is turned on as soon as the air in the collector is warmer than inside air.

The system includes all you need for optimal performance: high efficiency collectors, mounting accessories, metalwork and air flow controls . You can even heat domestic water or the pool in summertime simply by adding a standard heat exchanger!


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