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Why Fabric ?

DuctSox Systems are attractive and cost effective. They are constructed of fabric – shaped as cylindrical tubes, half-round or quarter panel. DuctSox are used to distribute and diffuse heated, cooled, refrigerated and make-up air. Fabric duct offers a variety of benefits the traditional solution often cannot.

Superior Air Dispersion

 DuctSox Systems discharge air uniformly along the entire length of the system – providing consistent and uniform air dispersion to the occupied space.

Simple & Easy Installation

Simple suspension systems reduce installation time, which can saves about 90% of time. Installation process includes:

  • Hanging cable
  • Attaching DuctSox via one of four different suspension options:
    • Snap Tab
    • 3×1 Hangers
    • Cord-In
    • Snap Clips
  • Balancing the duct


A DuctSox System requires little if any balancing down stream from the inlet collar.


With its primary component being fabric, DuctSox systems weight much less than the conventional system – making designing with DuctSox mean lighter roof loads, ease of handling and reduced need for power lifting equipment.


DuctSox can be packaged and shipped to your location in smaller and lighter packages reducing transportation costs and minimizing risk of damage.


DuctSox fabrics will not dent or scratch like metal ductwork. Damage from moving objects like volleyballs and basketballs is eliminated.

Air Porous Fabric

Air passing through the fabric eliminates the risk of condensation and deflects air borne dust from accumulating on DuctSox surfaces.


DuctSox woven fabrics do not absorb moisture, which can be a source for development of bacteria and mold. Antimicrobial treatments on Sedona-Xm and Microbe-X significantly increase the hygienic benefits.

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