Enerconcept is now part of Aeronergie team

DRUMMONDVILLE – October 7th, 2014 – Aeronergie, whose corporate mission to lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in air handling systems, is proud to announce some important news. With the acquisition of Enerconcept, Aeronergie extends its portfolio into solar in a big way. The transaction not only brings into the business this clean and renewable form of energy, but is also bound to have positive repercussions for the company and its customers.

Thanks to the integration of Enerconcept into Aeronergie, an increasing number of businesses and institutional buildings shall preheat their make-up air with the sun’s energy. Lowering fossil fuel consumption for customers means lower greenhouse gas emissions, a very positive step for the planet. By doing so, local businesses become less dependent on polluting fuel sources while getting healthy returns on their investment.

Aeronergie intends to double its turnover within three years, in part thanks to this acquisition. Four jobs have been consolidated and three new ones have been created. Aeronergie currently employs thirty people and this number should rise up to fifty within a couple of years.

“Basically, the sun is our ultimate energy source. By combining both companies’ lines of products, customers shall benefit from larger cost reductions and even quicker returns on investments”, explained president Carl Binette.

There are already quite a few large projects in the pipeline, among them Soprema and Air Transat. Next year alone, more 25 than schools will be equipped with a solar energy wall by Enerconcept/Aeronergie. Other projects are taking place in Quebec, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States. Day-care centers, municipal dwellings and carwash facilities (just completed one in Yukon), bakeries and painting shops are among many that take advantage of a solar air heating system from Enerconcept.




A partnership in the making

Aeronergie and Enerconcept have been working together since 2012, the former as a whole solution provider, and the latter as an installer. Many projects have come to fruition from this cooperation.

Following the precept that the cheapest form of energy is the one not spent, Aeronergie’s ultimate goal is to attain 100% energy autonomy for air heating systems in industrial buildings. This will be achieved through various heat energy sources: the output of the solar air heating system, the re-use of the heat generated by production equipment, heat recovery from exhaust air stacks and heat saved by air curtains.



Aeronergie was born from its founder’s desire to convey his knowledge for the benefit of Quebec industries. What triggered the venture was the observation that manufacturing companies keep spending large amounts on energy in spite of unseen substantial savings. In July 2013, businessman Richard Bourbeau joined Carl Binette as a shareholder. Since then, he is the company’s general manager. The young and thriving business has just celebrated its third birthday in September.


Since its foundation, Aeronergie has completed large contracts with big regional names, including Soucy, Soprema, Pyrotek and GEA Houle. Winner of the Napoleon trophy in the industrial category (1 to 14 employees) in 2013 and the Elan Award during that same year, this SME will continue it fascinating course over the next few years.



Since 1998, Enerconcept offers simple and profitable solar air heating systems. It has become a reference and a world leader in this field, extending far beyond our borders.


Enerconcept’s mission is to market and implement clean and sustainable energy solutions on buildings around the world. Enerconcept’s solar air collectors – the polycarbonate Lubi®, the wall-mounted metal Unitair and the roof-mounted Luba GL – boast the highest efficiency scores worldwide as rated in Canada (CSA), the United States (SRCC) and Germany (BAFA). The Lubi® was even acclaimed as the “Heating innovation of the Year” in Chicago in 2012 and voted “the green product of the year” by Contech in 2013. The concept is already patented in Canada, Russia and Japan and is pending in the US and Europe.

Enerconcept is also the exclusive commercial distributor of Solatube (tubular skylights), the Luba GLR (residential solar air heaters) and Ductsox (fabric air ducts) in Quebec.


For information: Richard Bourbeau (819) 850-0564, ext 103, or rbourbeau@aeronergie.com

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