Luba GL

Luba GL

The Luba GL air collector design is the result of a licencing cooperation between a leading residential solar air heater manufacturer from Denmark and Enerconcept Technologies. Enerconcept has entered an exclusive patent licence agreement with the Danish company Solar Venti to adapt their invention to the requirements of large-volume, industrial and institutional solar air heating of North America. The result is an easy to install, light an efficient roof-mounted solar air collector.

The innovation lies in that the incoming fresh air enters the collector through the multiple perforations across the entire back wall made of corrugated metal. Before entering the collector’s plenum, the air is drawn in through the absorber made of black felt. The rugged surface of the back causes a turbulent flow in the collector which leads to greater heat transfer hence, increased efficiency.

The main feature is that the air gap created between the back wall and the absorber offers enough thermal resistance to activate solar energy transfer to the incoming air, thereby eliminating the need for insulation, which in turn allows for a thinner, lighter, easier to mount, compact and simple solar air collector.

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